Food Bills

Everybody has to eat, and more often than not, we like to eat out. Most of us aren't foodies or culinary experts, We just like good food at a decent price.

This blog is all about eating out in Chicago, generally not at the trendy places, the hoi polloi fancy spots or the big chains.

I'm definitely not a foodie, just a hard working guy that likes good food and I'm going to share my dining experiences with you. Hopefully it will give you the food layperson's view on Chicago spots. To keep your food bills in check.

I will also Include some “food news” about places located in my “hood” up on the Far North Side of Chicago and Evanston.

I do travel a lot as well, so I will also include a little page with some food notes from my travels!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Cajun King - Oklahoma City

Dat Dere be Goooood! 

I was skeptical, mainly because this place really did not look all that special from the outside, but it came highly recommended by my friends in OKC. 

Walking in, you pay at the door, and I will say....the food bill was awesome!  $14 for dinner and a beer.  

This is a buffet, a dream buffet of some SERIOUS home cooked cajun food.  I am highly disappointed that I did not have enough room in my stomach to try every single thing in the buffet.  

You are started off by getting a basket of catfish strips put on the table with honey mustard.  This was the first key indicator that the buffet was going to ROCK!  The strips were DAMM good!  

Everything I tried was great, the gumbo kicked butt, I wont go into details, but overall, it is worth the trip!  Everything was loaded with goodness and you leave there, not wanting more.  VERY authentic and not your typical strip mall joint.  

I can not recommend this place enough.  Just go there and experience it for yourself!  

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Chicago Style!

River Valley Farmer's Table - Lincoln Square Chicago

Brunch in Lincoln Square

First Impressions are important and this place didn't start well.  I took a seat, after asking if it was okay, and it took a little more than 15 minutes for anyone to bring us a menu.  Once we did order, service was a tad slow, and the place was not all that busy.

To start, I ordered a Bloody Mary.  They make their Mary's with fresh tomato and you can tell that they do.  It was quite good, but at $10, it severely lacked vodka.  If there was some, I could not taste it.  Which is sad, because the base was really good.

I followed this up with their wild mushroom and egg taco.  You get two really big tacos, which are too big to eat like a taco, but that is okay.  They are stuffed with black beans, a healthy helping of a mushroom remoulade of sorts and a bit of egg on top.  I did enjoy them quite a bit, so there was no disappointment with the food.  The items were all fresh, so it tool a little longer than usual to get the food from the kitchen, but that was no problem for me.

Overall, service was good, very friendly albeit a tad slow.  The food was really good, the endless mimosas that my friends got seemed to hit the spot.  The Bloodies, if you don't like them strong, you are in for a treat!  The coffee is also pretty darn good!

Would I go back?  Yes, I would.  Ill pass on the drinks, but the food is well worth the trip.  A word to the wise, if you sit outside, you are under the Brown Line Tracks, so it can get pretty noisy. If you don't mind that, you are good to go!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Firehouse Subs - LOOP

Firehouse Subs - LOOP

Ok, new place, I'll give it a try.

My #FoodBill was $9.75 for the New York (Pastrami and Corned Beef.) 6 inch plus chips and a drink.

I was a bit disappointed.  As you can see, it is lacking in meat!!!  I can get a better sandwich at some of the local non-chain places for a better price.  Maybe not in the Loop, but still.  

On another note, it was good, so it made up for what it lacked in substance.  Would I go back?  Yeah, maybe, but I will order something else.  I always believe in second chances!

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Casey Moore's Oyster House - Tempe Az

Oysters in Phoenix?

Who would have thunk it?  But there are and they are dang good!

I was in Phoenix for a night, after a weekend of travel in southern Az, I was tired and in need of some good food.  I googled up places around my hotel room and found what looked to be a curious find, Casey Moore's.  What the heck, I'll try it!  

To start, the french onion soup was quite good, the perfect mix of sweet and salty, nice after taste of the cheese to mix.  The oysters were the headline, so I tried them, being weary at first, knowing how hard it is to move these things around the world.   I was floored, big, juicy and FRESH! The price for a dozen was pretty good to boot!  Round that off with some seriously good wings, with just the right kick and a HUGE salad for my friend.  I was pretty happy.  Overall, with a couple drinks, the FoodBill was quite reasonable.  

Absolutely, not a place to go to on a Friday or Saturday night, from what I hear and since ASU was out for the summer, it was a bit more quiet on the sunday evening I was there.  But, this place looks to get BUSY when school is in session.  Good music and friendly staff to boot!

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