Food Bills

Everybody has to eat, and more often than not, we like to eat out. Most of us aren't foodies or culinary experts, We just like good food at a decent price.

This blog is all about eating out in Chicago, generally not at the trendy places, the hoi polloi fancy spots or the big chains.

I'm definitely not a foodie, just a hard working guy that likes good food and I'm going to share my dining experiences with you. Hopefully it will give you the food layperson's view on Chicago spots. To keep your food bills in check.

I will also Include some “food news” about places located in my “hood” up on the Far North Side of Chicago and Evanston.

I do travel a lot as well, so I will also include a little page with some food notes from my travels!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Katsu - Rogers Park

Katsu on Urbanspoon

Absolutely the best sushi in Chicago

I have been going to Katsu since 1995 or 96, before he remodeled the location to look like it does.  He and his wife are the nicest people and really make the experience at Katsu what it is!  

Now, to start, this is a top sushi place and you will pay for the best sushi.  So I will start off by saying that Katsu isn't cheap. I usually drop about $125 or so there on a good night.  Sushi, apps and drinks.  So if you are looking for cheap, go to the trendy, cute places.  Also, katsu is traditional Japanese,  spo you wont find all the crazy rolls that cater to the trendy tastes.  

Now, what it is .... exquisite sushi and kitchen creations.  His fish is the freshest and all hand picked and or shipped by Katsu from his select vendors.  This isnt stuff from a mass distributor.  He makes a lot of the sushi all on his own.  He has spoiled me with his food and I like it.  

His kitchen creations are great!  The Grilled Duck and Grilled Mino are my favorites and HAVE to get that every time.  When in season, this Matsutake Mushroom soup is killer!  

The ambiance is friendly, the staff are all very knowledgeable and he stocks very fine sakes.  The bonus is that you are not rushed to finish and leave.  You can enjoy a leisurely dinner, friendly staff and only the best sushi Chicago has to offer.  

How do I know?  I lived in Japan for several years and worked for a Japanese airline for another several years.  ALL the Japanese business men would frequent this place back in the day.  

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fish Keg - Rogers Park

Fish Keg on Urbanspoon

Deep Fried and Yummy

Fish Keg, a pretty non-descript location in Rogers Park is a hidden gem.  They basically have all things deep fried.  I opted for a pound of shrimp and a half pound of scallops.  Add in some hot sauce and some home made slaw and you have a feast!  

You cant go wrong here, Fried Chicken, fish planks, shrimp, etc.  Everything is made fresh and on the spot, so your carry out bag is steamy hot and ready to eat.  

I highly recommend the Fish Keg for a quick carry out option.  Perfect for a fun dinner in front of the TV on a cold winter night!  

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

NEWS - Sun Wah BBQ in Uptown Closed for Health Violations - Uptown

An inspection on Nov. 25, based on a complaint, led to the closure of the restaurant at 5039 N. Broadway, according to the city.  Read the Story here:

Sun Wah BBQ in Uptown Closed for Health Violations - Uptown - Chicago