Food Bills

Everybody has to eat, and more often than not, we like to eat out. Most of us aren't foodies or culinary experts, We just like good food at a decent price.

This blog is all about eating out in Chicago, generally not at the trendy places, the hoi polloi fancy spots or the big chains.

I'm definitely not a foodie, just a hard working guy that likes good food and I'm going to share my dining experiences with you. Hopefully it will give you the food layperson's view on Chicago spots. To keep your food bills in check.

I will also Include some “food news” about places located in my “hood” up on the Far North Side of Chicago and Evanston.

I do travel a lot as well, so I will also include a little page with some food notes from my travels!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Hemmingway's Bistro

A touch of Class in Oak Park

Beef Wellington and Seafood Souffle, add in a few mussels for an appetizer and a couple of drinks, you have a lovely date night dinner.  

The food was excellent, the service was spot on and the crusty hot bread they being out to start with was the best!  

The setting in the Write Inn was quaint and really conducive to a great first date night kind of place.  Plenty of parking out on the street and an overall great experience.  To top it off, the food bill was not a shocker, all for $108.  I was impressed and would absolutely go again! 

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