Food Bills

Everybody has to eat, and more often than not, we like to eat out. Most of us aren't foodies or culinary experts, We just like good food at a decent price.

This blog is all about eating out in Chicago, generally not at the trendy places, the hoi polloi fancy spots or the big chains.

I'm definitely not a foodie, just a hard working guy that likes good food and I'm going to share my dining experiences with you. Hopefully it will give you the food layperson's view on Chicago spots. To keep your food bills in check.

I will also Include some “food news” about places located in my “hood” up on the Far North Side of Chicago and Evanston.

I do travel a lot as well, so I will also include a little page with some food notes from my travels!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

San Soo Gab San Korean BBQ

Good Korean BBQ, rough service

Let's start right off by saying, if you are looking for great service, this isn't the place.  They start off very blunt and sort of uncaring and it doesn't really improve much.  That said ... the place is still fun and the BBQ is the center of attention.  

This is one of those cook at your table places, so the service is forgotten, because you and your friends are having fun!  You start off with a table of assorted salads and kimchi, add on some spicy Korean miso soup and your starters are already chosen for you!  Of course you can order some other specialties like the Mandoo.  

Next, get your big OB beer and the order your meats!  There are beef ribs, pork ribs, chicken and seafoods.  Each choice gets you a platter of marinated meats ready for the grill.  Now, a word of caution, you will smell like a BBQ grill when you leave, it is smokey and the smells are yummy!  Lots of grilling meat!  Top it off with a bowl of rice, lettuce for wraps and some spicy bean paste and you are ready to go!  Fire up the grill!  

The grills are charcoal, so that makes it even better.  I have been to some of those with electric grills and they are not the same.  

The place can get loud and there is sometimes a wait to get in, which is a bit unorganized, so you have to stay on top of staff and make sure you know who is in front of you and who is not, very important.  

Over all, the food bill was decent.  Two meats and a 500ml OB beer with all the fixings, about $52.

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