Food Bills

Everybody has to eat, and more often than not, we like to eat out. Most of us aren't foodies or culinary experts, We just like good food at a decent price.

This blog is all about eating out in Chicago, generally not at the trendy places, the hoi polloi fancy spots or the big chains.

I'm definitely not a foodie, just a hard working guy that likes good food and I'm going to share my dining experiences with you. Hopefully it will give you the food layperson's view on Chicago spots. To keep your food bills in check.

I will also Include some “food news” about places located in my “hood” up on the Far North Side of Chicago and Evanston.

I do travel a lot as well, so I will also include a little page with some food notes from my travels!

Monday, September 30, 2013


Hot Dogs

I am not a foodie, but I am a connoisseur of the Chicago favorite, Hot Dogs.  I have eaten them all over the world.  Numerous joints and stands all over Chicago land, so one feature of my blog will be devoted to the Chicago great, the Hot Dog.

My first review will be for Brandy's on Harlem.  I was with my 80 something year old aunt, who actually started my love for hot dogs when I was a kid.  She tells when I asked her if she wants to stop for a dog, "boy, do I".

Brandy's is on the way to where we were going.  It's at Avondale on Harlen on the NW side.  Their dogs are pretty standard, Vienna.  Not bad, not great.  The frank, has a good snap, but the buns need to be steamed and they don't use the traditional poppy seed buns.  They sort of skimped on the sport peppers, which was disappointing.  To end, no celery salt!

But they make up for it with the fries, frozen, but cut potato.  Crisp and flavorful as well as plentiful.  Aside from the dog, their other treats are awesome.  My aunt's grilled chicken sandwich was huge and the chicken was really good.  She totally enjoyed it and at 80 something, that is a tough thing to do.

So a grilled chicken combo and a 2 Vienna dog combo, $16 (tax included), a little on the high end, but the Chicken was good, tender and well worth the price.   This place used to be a regular stop when I worked at O'Hare, so I will always go back again!

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